. It’s been all fun and games on this trip to Vietnam until …


It’s been all fun and games on this trip to Vietnam until this morning realizing that i will finally take a taxi to Câu Dât and coming face to face with everything mom loved and talked to me about.😭😭 We were supposed to take one more trip together and the upcoming location was our destination…this is where Mykha was born, where she learned to cook from her grandma, where she opened an orphanage while running a restaurant in the US, and where she travelled to calm her tired soul and be revived with nature and love from people that truly cared for her. I really have no agenda for the day except for having the heart to understand more about what mom loved and why she spent the majority of her time here. We will start out with fishing for our lunch in a pond, roam around a garden that she spoke so much about, and maybe find a night market at dusk where they serve the most delicious soybean milk. These are the things mom wanted to do with me because she thought I would love it. I would covet your prayers. I have no idea how much time i will spend in Cau Dat…but above and beyond anything, the people who are looking forward to see me today expected for Mykha to return to them after her last visit in 2014 and now she’s no longer here on this earth. No doubt they LOVE her and need closure. May I be sensitive and spend time with them in such a way that might BLESS them and make them feel valued and appreciated. These people that I’m about to encounter will become very dear to me and I have a feeling will be able to help me connect the dots in my life. I have no idea what I’m walking into but thanking God for ALL OF IT. Tears started falling this morning out of nowhere so I know God is moving and He is answering my prayers. Just to be able to learn more about my mom and being able to be brought so far to this point is something I don’t understand and I know it would take a REALLY BIG GOD to do it.♥️
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